Diabetic Foot Inspection

Having diabetes does not necessarily mean that you will develop foot problems. Careful daily inspection of your own feet can prevent several diabetic foot problems. Please pay attention to the following advice: 1. If you have problems seeing the bottom of your feet then you can purchase a mirror with a long handle at a [...]

Athletes Foot Socks

If you are itching between your toes and they burn you most likely have athletes foot. Or if your toe nails are getting yellow and thick , you may have fungus toe nails This type of fungus loves to grow in a dark, hot, humid environment. It’s easy to catch and summertime is the perfect [...]

PAD Socks

Poor circulation in your legs and feet is called  ”PAD” or peripheral vascular disease. This is a common problem often  associated with leg cramps, vericose  veins , cold feet and purple toes.  Reflexa socks are made to improve PAD. Scientific studies show that improved blood flow and increase oxygen in your legs and feet is [...]

Best Socks for Blisters

Did you know that it is easier to get a blister on your foot when you don’t wear socks?  Blisters are caused from friction and most often  developon the back your heel , toes, or ball of the foot . When a blister starts to develop, the irritated skin first gets red and inflamed. The body then reacts [...]

Welcome to the new born blog for Reflexa Socks and Agreatsock.com. Reflexa socks have been developed by a team of physicians, scientists and the world finest  Italian sock manufacturer . Reflexa socks are unique because they work by recycling your own bodies energy and improving circulation and oxygen flow. This happens because of a new [...]

The Best Diabetic Socks

Best Diabetic Socks

The best socks for diabetics are made to keep your feet healthy. Diabetic feet require extra special care at all times. Everyone having diabetes is aware of developing potential foot problems. Healthy feet require good circulation, normal sensation, strong bones and muscles and healthy skin. Unfortunately, diabetes can harm your feet because of poor circulation, [...]