Welcome to the new born blog for Reflexa Socks and Agreatsock.com. Reflexa socks have been developed by a team of physicians, scientists and the world finest  Italian sock manufacturer . Reflexa socks are unique because they work by recycling your own bodies energy and improving circulation and oxygen flow. This happens because of a new scientific yarn containing light reflecting earth minerals known as  ”Celliant”

We would like to introduce you to our new socks. If you want to stay healthy and  feel your best as you golf, ride your bike, walk or travel, then Reflexa is the finest sock for you. Our socks are designed for people like you who appreciate wearing a sock that has the Seal of Acceptance from the America Podiatrtric Medical Association.

To find out more about Reflexa Socks Please check out our website www.agreatsock.com
The website is informative and has easy shopping.

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