Best Socks for Blisters

Did you know that it is easier to get a blister on your foot when you don’t wear socks?  Blisters are caused from friction and most often  developon the back your heel , toes, or ball of the foot . When a blister starts to develop, the irritated skin first gets red and inflamed. The body then reacts by sending cells that secrete  a fluid just under the skin to act as a small water balloon and protect the underlying skin from developing an ulcer. Sometimes the blisters not only are painful but may get infected.

The best socks to prevent blisters are made from seamless knitting machines. Several newer yarns such as  Nano-Glide, silver,copper, and Celliant help to reduce friction. Socks need to fit your feet and not fall down or bunch up. The best socks for blister protection will have the Seal of acceptance of the American Podiatric Medical Association”.

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